Tuesday, November 15, 2011



Video and still photography shows that Juan Manuel Marquez stepped on the foot of Manny Pacquiao not once, not twice but at least five times during the 12 round fight.

Accidental? I should hope so!

Cheating? I would not be surprised.

Unfortunately, this is the second time that I have seen this trick from Mexican boxers. I am not saying that all Mexicans boxers use it to gain an advantage.

But when one sees it in title matches, sometimes one can’t help it but think that it possibly could be an old dirty trick used by our neighbors down south.

Pathetic, to say the least!

I personally saw that trick used up close and personal at a title fight held at the Coliseo Olympico at Guadalajara, Mexico between Rodel Mayol and Omar Nino Romero. I was there as Mayol’s cutman.

In that fight Nino hit Mayol with a vicious low blow making Mayol react to the pain by lowering his hands and reaching for his crotch in an effort to bear the pain. At that very instant Mayol dropped his hands, Nino came forward ignoring the referee’s order to halt. He stepped on Mayol’s foot to prevent him from turning away and delivered a tremendous blow on the chin of Mayol who had his hands down and was defenseless.

The foul knocked out Mayol. Fortunately, the WBC supervisor ruled that the punch was not legal and the fight was declared a technical draw allowing Mayol to keep his title.

Then last night as I reviewed the photos I took at the Pacman-JMM fight, I again saw the dirty trick pulled by Marquez.

The attached picture shows it all. And, pictures don’t lie.

What amazes me though is the fact that Tony Weeks, one of the best Nevada referees there is, failed to notice the trick. Was he perhaps so focused on other aspect of the fight that he failed to notice what was going on with the boxer’s feet?

Once or twice is rather excusable as it may happen when a southpaw is facing a fighter who is not. Feet are bound to tangle.

When feet tangle it’s an accident. But when one steps on the opponent’s foot not once but several times, it is cheating.

Photo by Dr Ed de la Vega.

If The Judges And Computer Erred, Who Could Have Scored It Right?


Determining the winner in a boxing bout is not like selecting the new American Idol or choosing the New Seven Wonders of the World where the volume of votes texted in from all over the world is used as the basis in declaring the winner.

Modern boxing employs three people who are given the best seats at ringside and an unhampered view of the action inside the ring. They are tasked to score the fight on a round by round basis using the 10-Point Must Scoring System accepted by all boxing sanctioning bodies.

It cannot be denied that since the three judges are only human, their scoring could be subjective and they could be swayed by the noise of the crowd, especially if the fight is held in the hometown of one of the boxers.

Boxing is replete with stories of corrupt judges who were influenced by the promoters or bribed and came up with decisions contrary to the general public perception of the outcome of the fight.

But not all boxing judges are corrupt. Many of these judges are professionals whose involvement with the sport is all because of their love for boxing.

There are safety measures to ensure that boxing judges do not abuse their authority to choose the winner of the bouts. There is the fight supervisor representing the boxing commission. Erring judges are sanctioned with either suspension or complete banishment from the sport by the commission on the recommendation of the fight supervisor.

Lately, boxing has employed the computer to document the action, keeping track of the punches thrown and punches connected.

While the statistics generated by the computer, conveniently called Compubox, do not have any bearing on the judging and outcome of the fight, the system has proven to be very effective in affirming or contradicting the scoring of the three judges.

When there is a discrepancy between the statistics provided by the Compubox and the scoring of the three judges, it is easy to conclude that the judging is irregular and controversial.

With this premise, is there enough reason to label Manny Pacquiao's win over Mexico's Juan Manuel Marquez as controversial and questionable?

The three judges at ringside scored the 12-round epic third battle between Pacquiao and Marquez slightly differently.

Robert Hoyle scored it 114-114, Dave Moretti scored it 115-113 while Glenn Trowbridge had it heavily in Pacquiao's favor 116-112.

The discrepancy in the scoring of the three judges could be attributed to the fact that they were all seated in three different areas at ringside. What Hoyle saw may not have been seen by Moretti and what Trowbridge witnessed may not have been noticed by the two other judges because of the different vantage points.

If there is anything that the scores of the three judges indicated, it was that the fight was close.

Was the decision to award the fight to Manny Pacquiao after 12 gruelling rounds justified or questionable? Were the judges bought, influenced or coerced?

This is the time when the statistics generated by Compubox could be put to good use.

American sportswriter Gareth A. Davies reported in his column these figures generated by the Compubox which documented the Pacquiao-Marquez III:

1. Punches thrown: Pacquiao - 578; Marquez - 436; Punches connected: Pacquiao - 176; Marquez-138. Pacquiao edged Marquez in this department by 36 punches.
2. Jabs: Pacquiao - 304; Marquez - 182; Jabs connected: Pacquiao - 58; Marquez - 38; Pacquiao edged Marquez in this department by 20 jabs.
3. Power punches thrown: Pacquiao - 274; Marquez - 254; Power punches connected: Pacquiao - 117; Marquez - 100. Again, Pacquiao edged Marquez in this area by 17 power punches.

Looking at these Compubox figures, it is again easy to conclude that the fight was very tight.

But two of the judges saw it as a fight won by Manny Pacquiao and the Compubox statistics do not refute this. In fact, Compubox statistics confirmed that Pacquiao edged Marquez in the entirety of the fight.

It is funny and amusing, however, that some of our fellow sports analysts and sportswriter friends, insist that the judges were wrong and the Compubox is unreliable.

Holy Jesus!

If the judges erred and the Computer is unreliable, who else could give us the correct scores and the right decision?

Unlike basketball where if at the end of the game the scores are 112-111, nobody is expected to complain, scoring in judging involves the subjective perception of three human beings who are designated as judges.

Decisions will always be questioned but that is the way it is in boxing. That is unless the rules are changed by the world boxing sanctioning bodies and boxing adopts the scoring system of the "American Idol" where everybody's subjective vote will be counted, tallied and thereafter used to declare the winner.

The problem with that though is that it will take sometime before we will know who the winner is. Manny Pacquiao's deep cut in his right eyebrow would have already healed before his hands are raised in victory.

This is how boxing is scored, this is the rule and this is how the game is played and decided.

If some people think this is wrong and are not comfortable with this, they could always play basketball.

Thanks: Manny PiñoL

Photo: Manny Pacquiao (R) hits Juan Manuel Marquez with a left during their bout last Saturday at the MGM Grand Garden Arena in Las Vegas. Photo by Dr Ed de la Vega.

Friday, October 7, 2011

World’s Largest Arena

Construction has commenced on the world’s largest indoor arena, designed by Populous, in Manila, Philippines. In a ground breaking ceremony held last week, the arena design was described as a ‘phenomenal structure’.

Valued at US$214m, the 50,000-seat venue at Ciudad de Victoria was commissioned by the Philippine's Iglesia Ni Cristo and will be completed in time for its centennial celebration in 2014.

Project director, Populous senior principal Andrew James, said: “The building’s capacity pushes the boundary of arena design and will eventually establish itself as the world’s largest indoor arena. The form uses simple geometry to create an elegant appearance, while also giving the venue a powerful presence within its setting.”

Populous designed the arena with engineers Buro Happold, and construction will be carried out by Hanwha Engineering and Construction Corp.

The arena has been designed to enable a further 50,000 people to gather outside the venue for major events. As well as holding major gatherings, it can also stage boxing and basketball games and music concerts.

Thursday, October 6, 2011

'Wolverine' picks Manny over Floyd

MANILA, Philippines - Count Hugh Jackman as among the Hollywood heavyweights rooting for Filipino boxing superstar Manny Pacquiao.

That’s if the superfight between Pacquiao and undefeated American Floyd Mayweather Jr. ever takes place.

“Ohh!!! I have a funny feeling in my gut that Pacquiao would win that fight,” Jackman told www.ringtv.com yesterday.

The 43-year-old actor known for his role as Wolverine in the X-Men series said it could be a decision for Pacquiao over Mayweather.

“I don’t think that it would be a knockout. I think that it would be a decision. There’s no doubt that it would be close,” said Jackman, who turns 43 on Oct. 12.

Jackman spoke to Lem Satterfield as the Australian stage actor, singer, dancer and producer promoted his upcoming flick, “Real Steel.”

In this new movie he plays the role of a “down-on-his-luck” boxer whose fights, all 43 of them, have ended in a knockout, win or lose.

Aside from Jackman, other heavyweight actors rooting for Pacquiao are Mark Wahlberg, Sylvester Stallone, Denzel Washington and Mickey Rourke.

Wahlberg often dropped by at the Wild Card Gym when Pacquiao was training as he geared up for his boxing movie, “The Fighter.”

“I’m hoping, one day, to go to the Mayweather-Pacquiao fight,” said Jackman.

Pacquiao, meanwhile, will wrap up his three-week training in Baguio City today as he prepares to shift his training in Los Angeles.

Pacquiao travels to Manila after his workout at the Shape Up Gym in Baguio, and should be sparring in Manila tomorrow.

They travel to Los Angeles on Sunday evening, and resume training at the Wild Card Gym the following day. – With report from Artemio Dumlao

Wednesday, October 5, 2011


AMB campeón de peso ligero Juan Manuel Márquez está obsesionado con la anulación de libra-por-libra Manny Pacquiao en la tercera pelea de la trilogía fascinante programada antes de un lleno completo en el MGM Grand Garden Arena en Las Vegas el 12 de noviembre.

The Tortoise and the Hare

One day a hare was bragging about how fast he could run. He bragged and bragged and even laughed at the tortoise, who was so slow. The tortoise stretched out his long neck and challenged the hare to a race, which, of course, made the hare laugh.

"My, my, what a joke!" thought the hare.
"A race, indeed, a race. Oh! what fun! My, my! a race, of course, Mr. Tortoise, we shall race!" said the hare.

The forest animals met and mapped out the course. The race begun, and the hare, being such a swift runner, soon left the tortoise far behind. About halfway through the course, it occurred to the hare that he had plenty of time to beat the slow trodden tortoise.

"Oh, my!" thought the hare, "I have plenty of time to play in the meadow here."
And so he did.

After the hare finished playing, he decided that he had time to take a little nap.
"I have plenty of time to beat that tortoise," he thought. And he cuddle up against a tree and dozed.

The tortoise, in the meantime, continued to plod on, albeit, it ever so slowly. He never stopped, but took one good step after another.

The hare finally woke from his nap. "Time to get going," he thought. And off he went faster than he had ever run before! He dashed as quickly as anyone ever could up to the finish line, where he met the tortoise, who was patiently awaiting his arrival.

Wednesday, August 24, 2011


Salamat po Apung ikaw ang gumabay sa amin...
Salamat po sa mga Pagmamahal at pag-aaruga...
Higit sa lahat maraming salamat po sa PANANAMPALATAYA
na mayroon IISANG TUNAY na DIOS...
at Mayroon ISANG Tagapagligtas...
Magkita-kita po tayo sa BAYANG BANAL!
Mahal na Mahal po namin Kayo!
Apung Baket,... Paalam po!